Dalton Council receives estimate for general code organization

June 16th, 2015 12:25 pm

DALTON — Council president Gus Vlassis annoucned June 11 the borough received an estimate from the general code company for codification, or organization, of the borough’s ordinances.

“The cost of the general code recommendation would be $13,421,” he read from the letter written by the company.

Secretary Jo Ann Davies explained that 20 percent is due after signage.

“We have to make a decision whether we’re going ahead, and I think, frankly, we have to go ahead,” said Vlassis.

Mayor Aaron Holzman asked if council could upload codes on the Dalton Borough website, so that everybody could have access to them.

“They (the public) talk about codes that probably don’t exist anymore or did at one time,” Holzman explained. “There is a lot of conflicting information out there, so I think it will nice to get it out.”

Vlassis explained that payment scheduled will be 20 percent within 30 days of contract signing; 20 percent upon submission of the organization analysis; 20 percent upon submission of the manuscript and editorial legal analysis; and 20 percent upon submission of the draft.

Board member Bill Montgomery explained that the payment is $7,000 a year since council has two years to pay it in full.

“I hope that we can make a decision by next meeting,” said Vlassis.

Vlassis suggested to council members to take a look at it before making a decision.

Board member Len Peters replied, “This is a mandatory requirement. We have no choice. We are in violation of the Pennsylvania borough code by not having this.”

Vlassis said that this matter will be in the agenda next month unless he hears otherwise.

In other business, Vlassis mentioned that he received a letter from the Rotary Club of the Abingtons, asking for a donation for their fireworks show on July 3.

Daniels made a motion to donate $250 to the Rotary. The board agreed.

Also, Holzman, in his mayor’s report, mentioned that the Memorial Day service downtown was well-attended.

“If you were in downtown Dalton on Memorial Day, it was a busy place,” said Holzman. “It was a very nice day.”