Letter to the Editor: Science proves the negative effects of GMOs

June 14th, 2016 11:47 am


In last week’s story on local farmers meeting with Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding and state Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich, Keith Eckel stated there is “false information” being presented to the public regarding genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Mr. Eckel is correct, but the vast majority of false information is being fed to the public by agribusiness conglomerates, mainly Monsanto, who sell and control the patented GMO technologies, seeds, and toxic pesticides used with them. There is ample scientific proof of the dangers and negative effects of GMOs. The unsuspecting public is consuming foods that cause cancer, compromise the immune system, and disrupt gut health, and increasing amounts of the carcinogenic pesticide Glysophate (commonly known as Roundup). Unfortunately, Monsanto tries to hide these facts by restricting scientific studies and fighting accurate labeling of GMO “food,” despite overwhelming public demand for it.

Organic produce is better for the environment, is more sustainable, and healthier for us. It even has more nutrients and antioxidants. Our farmers too would be better served and protected by growing our food without using such poisons and suspect technology.

Barry Kaplan


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