Alley Cats Bowling League scores for week of Jan. 26

For Abington Journal | February 1st, 2016 2:29 pm

Below are the scores for the Alley Cats Bowling League for the week of Jan. 26:

Team Standings: Manx-15, Tigers-13, Lynx-13, Bobcats-13, Siamese-12, Wildcats-11, Ghost-10, Panthers-9

High Individual Game: Carole Hamersly-190, Nancy Connors-179, Linda Sproul & Mary Jo Long-172

High Individual Series: Carole Hamersly-484, Nancy Connors-480, Bette Connell-472

High Team Game: Wildcats-710, Bobcats-689, Lynx-657

High Team Series: Wildcats-2028, Bobcats-1906, Panthers-1903

For Abington Journal

Information provided by the Alley Cats Bowling League.