Alley Cats Bowling League scores for the week of Feb. 14, 2017

For Abington Journal | February 19th, 2017 12:46 pm

Below are the scores for the Alley Cats Bowling League for the week of Feb. 14:

Team Standings: Manx-18, Calicos-18, Wildcats-18, Siamese-15, Lynx-13, Panthers-13, Bobcats-10, Tigers-7

High Individual Game: Karron McGowan-221, Josephine Petry-204, Maxine Gilligan-188

High Individual Series: Karron McGowan-493, Maxine Gilligan-474, Bette Connell-459

High Team Game: Siamese-697, Calicos-692, Wildcats-685

High Team Series: Siamese-1977, Lynx-1957, Calicos-1956

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Information provided by the Alley Cats Bowling League.