Dalton Borough looks into three possible grants

By Ben Freda - For Abington Journal


    DALTON – At the Feb. 9 borough council meeting, president Gus Vlassis reported he received three possible grants for the 2017 grant round.

    He said the Lackawanna County Arts & Culture Department has invited the council to apply for the 2017 Arts and Culture Municipal Grant in the amount of $500. That grant is due Nov. 1.

    “It’s in the talking stage,” said Lorraine Daniels, who works in the Dalton Council’s finance department.

    Next, Vlassis said Pennsylvania American Water is offering an environment grant program for innovative and collaborative programs that result in positive, sustainable and environmental changes, including watershed protection activities and biodiversity projects. He asked board members who may know someone who would be willing to apply for this grant for the borough either pro bono or a nominal fee.

    Vlassis then said he received a letter from DCNR (Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) for the council to request a “Waiver of Retroactivity” for the acquisition of the Helene Novak property (210 Lackawanna Trail).

    “We’re taking out a loan to pay for it (land acquisition),” he said.

    Vlassis said once the council purchases the property, the board members can apply for this waiver which, according to DNCR, will assure costs incurred after the date of the waiver may be eligible for reimbursement if a grant is approved.

    Later in his mayor’s report, Aaron Holzman said he gave Helene Novak an agreement of sale letter and reported she is going to speak with her attorney before making a decision.

    In other business, Bill Brandt, in his public works report, announced borough engineer John Seamans spoke to him about the continuation of the Dalton paving project.

    “We did the first phase last year,” he said. “We’re going to start on the second phase.”

    Brandt wants to make a decision as soon as possible.

    “What happens is the paving projects start filling up, so the sooner we get on a schedule, the better we’ll be,” he said.

    Brandt said he and Seamans are hoping to pave Fuller Road and Brookside Road, reporting that Fuller Road will cost $57,801 and Brookside Road, $126,258.

    “They are just soft numbers that John (Seamans) put together,” said Brandt.

    Mayor Aaron Holzman suggested the council make these hard numbers and put them out to bid. The board voted to approve a motion for Seamans to prepare the bids.

    By Ben Freda

    For Abington Journal

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