My project: Decorate your own summer rock garden

June 1st, 2015 3:35 pm

With ordinary rocks, painting supplies and a little creativity, children can make their own summer rock gardens like this one outside the Dalton Community Library.

Looking for a fun summer activity to chase away the boredom? How about creating your own rock garden? The design can be as simple or complicated as you want — the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

What you will need

• Rocks of any size

• Tempura paint

• Paint brushes

• Small cup of water (to clean brushes)

• Old newspapers

• A can of Krylon triple thick spray


1. Spread old newspaper over a large area for your work space.

2. Using your paint and paint brushes, paint your rocks however you like. When finished, keep the rocks on the newspaper so they can dry.

3. Once dried, take your rocks outside and spray them with the triple thick spray. This spray will keep the paint from coming off, and give them a shiny appearance. You can put a second coat on them later if you wish.

4. Set up your rock garden in a random design or create a pattern with them, then step back to admire your work.