My bookmark: Eight summer reads for kids

June 1st, 2015 4:25 pm

Learn all about the seashore through pictures in “Out of the Blue,” by Alison Jay, available at the Abington Community Library.

Summer Reading Clubs for all ages begin June 15 at the Abington Community Library. Check out these summer adventures.

Sometimes, words are not necessary. Try “Out of the Blue,” a sea story in pictures by Alison Jay. Learn more about the seashore in the endnotes.

In “The Sunflower Sword,” a picture book by Mark Sperring and Miriam Latimer, a young boy wants a sword so he can fight dragons. When his mother gives him a sunflower instead, will that be enough to conquer the dragon?

Beginning readers will enjoy “Amanda Pig and the Really Hot Day.” Amanda Pig is as droopy as the plants in her father’s garden but determined to beat the heat. If only her little brother Oliver was not always in the way.

Learn about how to be safe and have fun outdoors in “Hiking” by Sara Green. Find out what equipment you will need as you hit the trails.

“The Boxcar Children” are the ultimate kid adventurers. Try their “Guide to Adventure” for instructions on how to solve mysteries while being observant and resourceful.

“Camp Out!” by Lynn Brunell includes 174 outdoor activities, games, skills, projects, recipes and songs. Learn how to use a compass, pitch a tent, tie a knot, read the weather and more.

It is 1895, 11-year-old Stan sets off on a journey to find his long-lost father in the logging camps of Michigan. “My Near-Death Adventures” by Alison DeCamp introduces a Tom Sawyer-like character who keeps a scrapbook to document his adventures.

“Three Times Lucky,” by Sheila Turnage, tells the story of Moses (Mo) LoBeau, a rising sixth-grader ready to take on her summer. When a dead body turns up and a hurricane threatens the town, Mo’s summer takes an unexpected turn. Can Mo and her best friend Dale solve the mystery before it is too late?