Lackawanna Trail Elementary students design t-shirt for Factoryville playground taskforce

June 2nd, 2015 6:58 pm

Lackawanna Trail students Jayde Waibel, a fourth-grader, created an idiom and Holden Edwards, a first grader, illustrated the design for a T-shirt.

FACTORYVILLE — Thanks to two Lackawanna Trail Elementary students, the Factoryville Playground Taskforce currently has a new slogan and a new T-shirt design. Fourth-grade student Jayde Waibel created an idiom which first-grade student Holden Edwards illustrated.

The idiom and the design are featured on a T-shirt representing the taskforce.

Waibel’s idiom was “Slide into Fun.”

“It’s been pretty fun having to come up with the idiom and have it be on a T-shirt and a lot of people to see it,” she said.

Edwards’ design is a scenic drawing of a sunny day in a playground. It features a child going down a sliding board, a child on a swing and a man walking a dog.

“It’s kind of nice having a design on a T-shirt that’s made for you,” he said. “It’s like having your artwork shown to the whole world, and you’re like 7 years old in the first grade and it’s like you’re the art master of the family.”

Taskforce president Sadie Rozenburg asked Trail teacher Dan Demora, who teaches art to students in grades kindergarten through sixth, to have his students come up with a design and a new slogan to promote the Joint Municipal Park and Christy Mathewson Park, which are both in Factoryville.

The taskforce’s original catchphrase was “Strengthen our Community through Play” but the group wanted something more catchy. Demora, therefore, conducted a T-shirt contest, in which fourth-grade students submitted entries of an idiom. The taskforce chose Waibel’s idiom from 24 entries.

The first-graders then submitted entries of designs to go with the idiom, “Slide into Fun.” Demora gave the first-graders an oval template to draw a picture and then offered pointers on how to draw a slide. The taskforce chose Holden Edwards’ design out of 60 entries.

“Holden did a great job on the artwork,” said Demora. “Jayde is also a very good artist. It was fun to see her come up with the idiom.”

Rozenburg mentioned that it’s possible that the design and the idiom will be featured on other items besides T-shirts. She is proud of both Waibel and Edwards for representing the Factoryville Playground Taskforce in a positive way.

“I am thankful that the students were excited to do this project,” said Rozenburg.