Our Opinion: Urge men in your life to get checkups and cancer screenings

During the month just ended, you might have overheard joking and jawing about facial hair. Normally clean-shaven guys, including some employed at the Times Leader, sprouted stubble in November, then began sporting beards. Others nurtured only their lip hair, styling and spinning it into elaborate mustaches. Each fuzzy face, beyond drawing double-takes from family members, […]

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Our Opinion: By painting snowplows, young artists can brighten winter’s gloom

Diamonds to an artistic bunch of sixth-graders at Lehman-Jackson Elementary School. Asked if they would add color and levity to Lehman Township’s snowplows, these art club students leapt in with both feet – and plenty of paint brushes. The result: plows sporting likenesses of pop culture icons such as Captain America’s shield, the Abominable Snowman […]

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Our Opinion: Support your neighbors; spend your dollars at local, independent businesses

How many dollars will you drop on holiday shopping, and how many of them will be kept local? Promoters of Small Business Saturday – a one-day-a-year campaign touting the benefits of supporting your community’s independent retail shops and businesses – urge you to put your money where it can pay significant dividends: in the pockets […]

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Our Opinion: Be grateful for peacemakers – and other people whose spirits shine in life’s darkest hours

Of all the things for which to be thankful, recent events have propelled this one far up our list: the capacity for certain people to rise above horrid circumstances and inspire hope. Paris proved it again. Intent on doing evil, terrorists who seemingly had been stripped of their humanity struck on a recent Friday night […]

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Letter to editor: Attend Nov. 29 Mass at St. Peter’s Cathedral in ‘visible show of thanksgiving’ for former Camp St. Andrew

Dear Editor: Since the closing of Camp St. Andrew was announced in early October, I have heard from many people around the Diocese of Scranton and beyond as they share stories of their camp memories, the grief they are feeling, and their willingness to step up and find a way to support keeping Camp St. […]

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Our Opinion: Save grandma’s stories forever? This Thanksgiving, there’s an app for that

Would it be a good idea to … … tell your story? During the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, people – especially grandparents and elders – are encouraged to open up about their lives. And teens, as well as others, are urged to listen, record and preserve those conversations for posterity, creating a massive archive of previously […]

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Our Opinion: Suicide prevention warrants more attention in NEPA

Would it be a good idea … … for health care leaders in our region to embrace the Zero Suicide Initiative? Fifty-five people in Luzerne County took their own lives in 2014, according to data from the county coroner’s office. That toll didn’t include another 63 fatalities last year from accidental drug overdoes, some of […]

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Our Opinion: It’s November, drivers; be extra cautious to avoid deer collisions

Spare yourself a mangled car bumper, shattered windshield or worse. Be mindful while driving this month that white-tailed deer pose a particular road risk between now and mid-December, especially in Pennsylvania – a state that consistently ranks in the top five for what have been called “vehicle-to-venison mishaps.” Our woodsy commonwealth came in at No. […]

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Our Opinion: A new Port Authority will benefit commuters from Northeastern Pennsylvania

For decades, commuters from Northeastern Pennsylvania to Midtown Manhattan have been third-class citizens. The first-class citizens are those who take Metro-North Railroad into Grand Central Terminal, where trains are rarely delayed, track assignments are known way in advance, and a well-lit concourse welcomes you into the city. The second-class citizens are those who take NJ […]

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Letter to the editor: Eight tips for a ‘happy and safe Halloween’

Dear Editor: As a parent of two sons, my main concern is keeping my children safe on Halloween. When we take them out for a fun night of “trick-or-treating,” we use the following tips that will help ensure they have a safe and enjoyable time. I would ask that everyone do the following: • We […]

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