Your view: Some songs for the inauguration

The editorial cartoon for Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017, depicting the Red Army choir singing at President Trump’s inauguration struck a chord in my memory bank of melodies. Perhaps the choir will sing the Russian navy song: “Red Sails in the Sunset” or the choir will change “Let’s All Sing Like the Birdies Sing, Tweet, Tweet, […]

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Your voice: Tired of paying taxes

Taxes, taxes, and more taxes. Why should I keep paying? The new year has not even come, and I am being taxed again. Now, can someone answer me this question? Come Jan. 20, 2017, we will have a new president, Donald Trump. Trump has not paid his taxes, claiming he was smart enough to know […]

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Your voice: Country needs to turn back to God

Reading the article last Sunday “Changes in American religion” by James A. Haught reminds me of reading Time Magazine in my high school library stating, “God is Dead.” I know you don’t “shoot the messenger,” but that was a wake-up call. Twenty-five percent of Americans have no religion. That is higher than any religion in […]

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Your voice: Left-wingers showing their hypocrisy

Left-wingers showing their hypocrisy President Obama has stated: “Because when you try to sow the seeds of doubt in people’s mind about the legitimacy of our elections, that undermines our democracy. Then you are doing the work of our adversaries for them.” Hillary Clinton has stated: “We’ve been around for 240 years. We’ve had free […]

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Letter to the Editor: Science proves the negative effects of GMOs

Editor: In last week’s story on local farmers meeting with Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding and state Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich, Keith Eckel stated there is “false information” being presented to the public regarding genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Mr. Eckel is correct, but the vast majority of false information is being fed to the […]

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Reader says former Globe Store a ‘perfect fit’ for Lackwanna County offices

Editor: After recently touring the new Intermodal center on Lackawanna Avenue in Scranton, I quickly thought of Commissioner Patrick O’Malley and his realistic idea to bring county offices into one central location, and the old Globe Store on Wyoming Avenue is a perfect fit. Such a move would help in the revitalization of the downtown, […]

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Letter to the editor: Abington Lions’ fundraiser a success

Editor: The recent extravagance fundraiser produced by the Abington Lions Club and directed by the Elimination Dinner Party Committee resulted most favourable for programs and projects, along with the blind and less fortunate of our extended community. More than 200 caring minded regional residents gathered in the Summit Ballroom at the Ramada Inn. They were […]

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Letter to the Editor: ‘Made in PA’ program would be boon for state’s economy

Holiday shopping season is upon us, and I am encouraging my fellow Pennsylvanians to buy Pennsylvania-made products when possible. By doing so, we can help our economy. I am hopeful that we will soon have a program in place that will make it easier to identify products made here. The House Commerce Committee has voted […]

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Letter to the Editor: Solving ambulance coverage issues can’t be done with cookie-cutter solution

The EMS ambulance coverage issues are as complex as the number of ambulance services the Times Leader’s Opinion Board highlighted (“Fast response to 911 calls not assured,” Oct. 30). Neatly packaged solutions recommended by your Opinion Board will not succeed. Focusing on Bear Creek/Buck Township (Bear Creek) Ambulance responders, their coverage area is 87 square […]

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Letter to the Editor: Roadside debris in Luzerne County is an embarrassment; call for action

Are you appalled by the amount of garbage on the sides of our roads in Luzerne County? The Cross-Valley Expressway is filled with garbage, especially at the on/off ramps. There are piles of garbage clogging the storm sewers on these ramps. Recently there was a box spring on the Cross-Valley. How did it get so […]

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