This Week in Local History: Poetry from the past

Compiled by Elizabeth Baumeister -

Nov. 9, 1967 — The Abington Journal published two poems it received the mail the previous week, as follows.

“Hotrod” by John Sawicki, of Milwaukee

Boy with a car going fast enough to fly

Doubles the speed limit on the signs passing by

Comes to a curve, loses control

Starts to swerve, runs into a pole

Seat belt not buckled, he gives a lurch

Funeral Monday, Saint Nicholas Church

“Veterans Day” by J.F. Comerford, Jr., Nicholson post commander

Against the blue of an autumn sky

Notes sing a song of days gone by

Telling a story of past events

Of men and boys

To the firmaments

With lowered heads and a silent pause

We remember our friends

To the God of Gods

And not forgetting our present day grief

We add these thoughts among our briefs

For we as mortals

Are here only a while

This communion of kinship should always be


Compiled by Elizabeth Baumeister

Reach Elizabeth Baumeister at 570-704-3943 or on Twitter @AbingtonJournal.

Reach Elizabeth Baumeister at 570-704-3943 or on Twitter @AbingtonJournal.