Dalton Library Delights: A year in review at the Dalton Community Library

Dalton Library Delights - Jennifer Familetti

As I rewind the memories of 2017, I can’t help but think back and smile.

It was a year of pleasantries and support, which left lasting impressions. Remembering the never-ending winter that began 2017 is easy. Although it was cold and snowy outside, the familiar faces coming in our library were warm and friendly. Talking about the cold weather or how many feet of snow were coming was everyday conversation, and it kept the days exciting.

On Monday and Thursday mornings, our Mahjong ladies made it easy to start the day on a happy note. Our dedicated players will meet whether there’s a blizzard, heat wave or hurricane. They are always inviting to new members and are great teachers of their favorite game.

Moving into spring, the nice weather brought the consistency back to our scheduled programs. Bridge players stopped in Tuesday mornings and visits from our local preschoolers were always exciting. In April, the Spring Book and Bake sale was busy and, by May, we held a few special themed events for children of all ages. Both kids and parents awaited summer activities. Our library was smoothly changing into summer mode, our busiest time.

By June, the summer activities began with financial aid from The Friends of the Dalton Community Library.

Families met at Dalton Streamside Park for our opening event, “Raptors, Birds of Prey.” It was a tremendous kick-off event. Throughout the summer, we had fun with yoga, art, book reading and many other thrilling programs. There were endless games of Monopoly, conversations on many subjects, and Story Times that included our canine friend named Story. This summer, we not only encouraged our kids to read, but also to be active. The support shown by parents during our summer months was overwhelming and greatly appreciated. There are special friendships and memories made during our summer activities and seeing these friendships blossom is a part of my job I treasure.

As fall fell into place, our after-school programs began, book clubs were consistent and children’s Story Time went back into preschool mode. Out came the counting cards, Miss Jenn’s alphabet soup bowl and fun stories to share. Our Fall Book and Bake Sale went swiftly and the Saturday Spotlight book club for adults returned in September.

While the holidays are sneaking up on us, the smiling faces of patrons continue to enter our library’s door. The friendliness, support and kindness of our patrons is what gives the Dalton Community Library that “old fashioned comfort.”

At times, the library is full of the joyful noise of children and adults holding meaningful discussion. At other times, it is a wonderful quiet place that can allow someone to be alone in their own thoughts. The Dalton Community Library is a place to feel at home. It is a place to feel comfortable while reading the newspaper, checking some email or doing research. Our library has so much to offer and this year it has been our pleasure to share those offerings with everyone.

The memories of 2017 will forever hold a warm place in our hearts. Thank you to all who support us, our programs and our book sales. The smiling faces that enter our door is what makes opening our door immeasurably worth while.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year to all!


Dalton Library Delights

Jennifer Familetti

Reach the Abington Journal newsroom at 570-587-1148 or news@theabingtonjournal.com.

Reach the Abington Journal newsroom at 570-587-1148 or news@theabingtonjournal.com.