Clarks Summit student promotes gratefulness at Geisinger Commonwealth

Mackerey -

SCRANTON — Amelia Mackarey, of Clarks Summit, along with other members of Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s (Geisinger Commonwealth) MD Class of 2020, led a project that will help medical and graduate school students stay grounded during their studies.

The project, created and edited by Mackarey, is called “Grateful at Geisinger Commonwealth.”

It is a monthly collection of reflections from members of the School of Medicine community on aspects of student life for which they are grateful. The entries range from the lighthearted (students expressing gratitude for a staff member’s always-full candy dish) to the heartfelt (faculty members praised for qualities like dedication and having a “beautiful heart”). All are meant to focus attention on the positive aspects of being a medical or graduate school student, which can at times can be overwhelming.