Tunkhannock United Methodist Church to hold Longest Night Service


TUNKHANNOCK — Christmas can be a time of mixed feelings. Society says it’s a joyous time to be celebrated with family and friends. But what if this Christmas everything isn’t quite perfect? What if a loved one has died or there has been a divorce or other family estrangement? There are as many reasons to be sad, melancholy or angry at Christmas as there are reasons to celebrate.

In an effort to recognize the emotional challenges of Christmas, The Tunkhannock United Methodist Church will once again host a Longest Night Service at 4:30 p.m. Dec. 21 in the sanctuary at the corner of Church and Warren streets.

This short service, marking the longest night of the year and the arrival of the winter season, is a time to reflect, remember and gain strength for the days ahead.

For more information, call 570-836-1229.