Marley’s Mission Blue Ribbon Gala scheduled for Feb. 17 at Hilton Scranton

- Submitted photo

Members of the planning committee for the 8th annual Marley’s Mission Blue Ribbon Gala gathered to discuss the upcoming event, scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 17at Hilton Scranton & Conference Center. From left, first row, are co-chairs Amy Hnat, JoAnn Pane, and Laura Talerico. Second row, Courtenay Degnon and Gretchen M. Wintermantel. Third row, Katrina Keiper, Lacey Woodrow, Val Langan, Jeff Jones, Debi Hewlett Saunders, Ronda Beemer, Christiana Gianzanti, Vivian Tighe Williams, Stacy Lange, Gene Talerico, Renee Castellani, Denise Puhalla Boyle, Donna Nasser, and Alyssa Warpus. Absent at the time of photo were Honorary Chair Rebecca Haggerty, April M. Kemp, Katie Talerico,Tami Prall-Nasser, Maggie Martinelli, Mackenzie Lucas, Kelly George, Thom Welby, Maria C. Traino, Nettie Goldstein, Kelly Rava, Katie Spurkeland, Maegen Lucas, Al Bond, Karen Bond, Al Day, Linda Day, Markie Dennebaum, Sheri Evans, Karen Miller Force, Meghan Gagorik, Amy Gilman, Shelly Guimento, Jen Heffron, Kathy Mihok, Vera Miller, Jamie Pabst, Jess Paulino, Mary Jo Preno, Tara Sweeney, and Joanne Vennick. photo