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Abington Heights middle school, high school tracking students’ kindness

Abington Heights students are putting kindness on the map. During the 2018 Trackable Kindness Challenge, students at the high school and middle school are spreading kindness and tracking the ripples all over the world.

Students are completing acts of kindness and passing on the positively through kindness cards. Each kindness card has a number that allows each act of kindness to be tracked at www.KindnessTracker.org. The website was developed by Jason Bamford, an Abington Heights alumnus.

Abington Heights invites the entire community to participate in the Kindness Tracker Challenge. Digital kindness cards can be generated on the Kindness Tracker website. After an act of kindness is completed, the number on the kindness card can be input on the website, and ripples of kindness can be tracked around the world. Tracked acts of kindness already reach across the United States and as far as Germany, Russia and Australia.

Through the 2018 Kindness Tracker Challenge, Abington Heights Middle School hopes to increase empathy and perspective, help students flex their kindness muscles, improve school culture, show the benefits of kindness, and ultimately start something that changes the world into a kinder place.

Each morning at the middle school, students from one homeroom/group are challenging another homeroom/group to do something kind and pass along the challenge on the next morning’s announcements.

Also at Abington Heights Middle School, students and staff members are welcome to fill out an anonymous compliment for another student or staff member in the building. The Kindness Challenge team will then hand out the anonymous compliments to the staff and students. Anonymous compliments give everyone a chance to show their appreciation and gratitude toward others. Some of the anonymous compliments recipients will share their kind message on the morning announcements.

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