Parties once again are topic of concern in Factoryville Borough

By Robert Tomkavage -

FACTORYVILLE — At the Sept. 12 borough council meeting, several College Avenue residents voiced their concerns regarding parties taking place in the borough.

Councilman Gregg Yunko also noted there is garbage, including beer bottles and Solo cups, in the area as soon as students return to town to attend Keystone College.

“It’s not all the students; I would say it’s about five percent,” Yunko said.

Yunko suggesting the possibility of starting a Neighborhood Watch program to deter the party activities.

Council Vice President Bill Edwards said the borough has tried that route in the past with varying degrees of success.

“Since I’ve been on council, we tried to start a Neighborhood Watch twice,” he said. “They organize and then they disappear.”

Edwards added residents should call the police whenever a loud party is in process.

“You need to call 911 every time and, if you don’t get a result in 15 minutes, call again,” Edwards said. “Everything has to be documented.”

Yunko also suggested the idea of the council members reaching out to Keystone College President Tracy L. Brundage, Ph.D., who took over in July, to discuss the concerns.

“I live on College Avenue and it’s terrible,” he said.

According to Solicitor Paul Litwin, members of the council are expected to vote on whether to adopt a rental ordinance next month that puts property maintenance and garbage, but not the behavior of tenants, on landlords.

According to Council President Chuck Wrobel, members of the council, as a group, met with the district attorney to see if the borough could do something with the State Police to make a raid on an underage drinking party.

“We’re doing our best and we sympathize with you,” Wrobel said. “If you have an issue with your neighbor, you can take them to magistrates’ court.”

Edwards suggested the possibility of the council approaching Dalton Borough about having its police department pick up additional shifts in Factoryville.

“We’ve gone to Keystone (College) and asked for money toward our police and the last president denied us,” Edwards said. “They have a new president now; we can go back and ask again.”

According to Borough Manager Mary Ellen Buckbee, the borough will begin to receive a Local Services Tax from anyone who works at Keystone College within borough boundaries.

“We should receive $52 per year from every person who works there, with the exception of those who earn less than $12,000,” Buckbee said.

Wrobel said the borough needs someone to volunteer as chairman for Christy Mathewson Day activities. He would also like to see the borough’s Shade Tree Commission reactivated.

By Robert Tomkavage

Reach Robert Tomkavage at 570-704-3941 or on Twitter @rtomkavage.

Reach Robert Tomkavage at 570-704-3941 or on Twitter @rtomkavage.