‘Celebration of Bill’s Life’ scheduled for Sept. 27 at Temple Hesed

Ballot -

Bill Ballot passed away Aug. 1, 2018. His private funeral was held in Connecticut on Aug. 4 with a memorial held by his loving wife, Emma, on Sept. 1, also in Connecticut.

A “Celebration of Bill’s Life” will be held at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 27 at Temple Hesed, Scranton. Guests are invited to speak and listen to stories about their friendship with Bill.

Ballot, born on Long Island, N.Y., went to school in Pennsylvania, first at Waverly Elementary and then Abington Heights High School and then on to the University of Pittsburgh, finishing at Duquesne University. He enjoyed summer camps, many at Camp Sprucks.

He loved to ski at Elk Mountain, winning trophies when racing, and helped Junior Olympics candidates at various slopes in the Northeast United States.

Ballot assisted at the World Trade Center site during the 9/11 tragedy by feeding fire and police personnel at the scene. He also handed out sweaters and scarves to the less fortunate during the Christmas season and assisted his friends and fellow-workers whenever he could.

If you wish to speak at the celebration, contact Marleen at Temple Hesed at 570-344-7201.