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Rebecca Lesko, naturalist extraordinaire, led the first guided hike featured with the publication and distribution of the Wyoming County Parks and Trails brochure. The hike explored the Endless Mountains Nature Center which is beautifully located at the Vosburg Neck of the Susquehanna River. Hikers first were cautioned to use bug spray, not only for pesky mosquitoes and gnats, but also for deer ticks, the scourge of Lyme Disease, so rampant in our area. Another line of defense according to Rebecca is a lint removal roller, scanning your clothes after the hike.

And off we went, out to see the wonders of nature, with the benefit of Rebecca’s keen awareness. We all now know how to identify jewelweed, white snakeroot, worm castings, the song of the Carolina wren, an eagle’s nest, and so much more. The habitat at the Nature Center is truly a magical world to discover, not only for its natural beauty, but the canal remnants, and the short history of their prominence. Thank you Rebecca for helping us see with new eyes, and thank you to all the supporters of this project, including The Endless Mountains Heritage Region and and DCNR, the Wyoming County Commissioners and the Office of Community Planning, the Wyoming County Room Tax Fund and the Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau. Brochures are available at the Dietrich Theater and the Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau.

I promised to tell you about four more Fall Film Festival movies I want to see in the next couple of weeks. “Eighth Grade” captures so well the agonies and emotions of the last year of middle school. A true coming-of-age film that will take you back to those years of growing up with all the challenges we all faced. Written by comedian Bo Burnham, we can experience the humor as well as the anxiety.

“A Kid Like Jake” with Clare Danes, Jim Parsons and Octavia Spencer shows one family’s journey with raising young Jake who clearly is more comfortable with a more “gender expansive” role. His parents just want him to be his authentic self.

“Puzzle” is all about the world of jigsaw puzzles and tournaments, a woman who discovers new possibilities through her expertise, putting the pieces of her life together at the same time.

Perhaps the most anticipated movie of the Fall Film Festival is “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”a documentary about Mr. Rogers, Fred Rogers. It is a magnificent examination of his deep beliefs and how he acted upon them to be a voice of compassion and imagination for children and all of us.

Multiple showings of all of these movies and 18 more can be found on our website Or call 570-996-1500 or 570-836-1022. Or come and pick up a brochure.

There is always so much going on at the Dietrich. Four movie screens. Three art galleries. The best popcorn in NEPA. All we need is for you to be there. Hopefully we will see you soon. And often.


More than

the movies

Margie Young

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Reach the Abington Journal newsroom at 570-587-1148 or by email at