More Than Movies: ‘Peoples of the Susquehanna’ documentary a hit at Dietrich

More Than Movies - Margie Young

It was so exciting to greet 188 viewers who came to the Dietrich Theater for a free showing of WVIA’s documentary “Peoples of the Susquehanna.”

“The Q and A after the movie showing could have gone on all day,” observed Erica Rogler, executive director of the Dietrich.

Chris Norton of WVIA related, “I tried to wrap up the Q and A, but the audience wanted to keep going.”

He added, “Yes, it could have been an all-day local history conference.”

We live in an area with such rich history – in particular, the history and legacy of the Native Americans. “Peoples of the Susquehanna” reminds us that our system of government borrows heavily from practices of the Iroquois Confederacy. We learned that the Native Americans were successful farmers for hundreds of years before European settlers set foot here. We also learned that we need to do a much better job of teaching Native American history in our schools, colleges and universities.

If you can catch another showing of “Peoples of the Susquehanna” on WVIA, you will learn so much about our history that you probably never learned in school.

Art pops out

Even preschool kids stop to look at the new exhibits of Pop Art in the Endless Mountains in the Earnshaw and Sherwood galleries at the Dietrich.

Thanks to Kitson Arts Alliance and Patrick Robinson and Betsy Green, the walls and cases are “popping” with whimsical and stunning depictions that comment on popular culture. Paintings, graphic designs, sculptures, lamps, tattoo designs and more demand your attention as you enter the theater.

The exhibit is open any time movies are shown or by appointment. Don’t miss the Opening Reception, scheduled for 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, April 8. Admission is free. Meet the artists – all eight of them – and enjoy the refreshments.

Coming up…

Are you wondering what is coming up at the Dietrich? I told you about the free Parkinson’s event last week. Rock Steady Boxing and Parkinson’s Disease – 11 a.m. Saturday, April 7. It is all about the power of exercise for Parkinson’s. Meet the experts and learn all about it.

Spring Film Festival already had its Preview Day, and there are so many films I want to tell you about. Opening Night Gala, scheduled for Friday, April 13, still has some choice seats available, if you call 570-996-1500.

The festival continues with multiple showings of 21 acclaimed foreign and independent movies through Thursday, May 3.

After seeing the previews, I want to make sure to see these special films. “A Fantastic Woman” is in Spanish with English subtitles, a film that shows how Marina, a transwoman, struggles to become who she really is – a strong, fantastic woman.

”In the Fade” is in English, German and Greek, and is an edge-of-your seat revenge thriller about a wife and mother at the loss of her husband and son to a bomb attack.

“The Insult,” in Arabic with English subtitles, is about a civilian dispute, blown out of proportion. It finds a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian refugee facing off in court.

“Phantom Thread” tells the story of a renowned dressmaker and the women in his world. They all bring new insights into new worlds.

Next week I will tell you about more of these films you can only see at the Dietrich, unless you can make it to Philadelphia or New York City. Until then, will we see you at the Dietrich? We certainly hope to see you soon and often.

More Than Movies

Margie Young

Reach the Abington Journal newsroom at 570-587-1148 or

Reach the Abington Journal newsroom at 570-587-1148 or