Alley Cats Bowling League scores for the week of March 20, 2018


The Alley Cats Bowling League scores from the week of March 20 are as follows:

Team Standings: Wildcats-31.5, Lynx-29, Panthers-29, Tigers-27, Siamese-24, Bobcats-21.5, Calicos-21, Manx-9

High Individual Game: Anna Aten-182, Yvonne Cronkey-179, Bette Connell-170

High Individual Series: Anna Aten-471, Nancy Connors-454, Carole Hamersly- 451

High Team Game: Calicos-705, Bobcats-686, Lynx-685

High Team Series: Bobcats-2025, Wildcats-1926, Calicos-1926