Alley Cats Bowling League scores for week of March 27, 2018


The Alley Cats Bowling League scores from the week of March 27 are as follows:

Team Standings: Wildcats-34.5, Panthers-32, Tigers-31, Lynx-30.5, Siamese-26.5, Bobcats-22.5, Calicos-21, Manx-10

High Individual Game: Carole Hamersly-180, Karron McGowan-163, Pat Chipak-162

High Individual Series: Carole Hamersly-471, Karron McGowan-468, Anna Aten-447

High Team Game: Siamese-700, Panthers and Lynx-666, Wildcats-644

High Team Series: Siamese-1996, Lynx-1969, Tigers-1873