Alley Cats Bowling League scores for week of Oct. 2, 2018


The Alley Cats Bowling League scores for the week of Oct. 2 are as follows:

Team Standings: Manx-14, Bobcats-13, Calicos-13, Wildcats-9, Siamese-8.5, Panthers-8.5, Tigers-8, Lynx-6

High Individual Game: Carole Hamersly-169, Pat Chipak & Barb Borek-155, Mary Kay Nealon-150

High Individual Series: Pat Chipak-433, Maxine Gilligan-422, Bette Connell-419

High Team Game: Manx-654, Panthers-642, Wildcats-633

High Team Series: Manx-1894, Wildcats-1848, Calicos-1819