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Eileen Christian -

As I looked out my kitchen window yesterday, I was reminded that winter dirt had piled up and seeing out the window to watch the birds was a challenge. I got out my cleaning tools, stood on a step ladder and washed the picture window, the better to see spring unfolding on the other side.

My next spring cleaning stop was a visit to the Rotary-sponsored Little Free Libraries in Clarks Summit. One little library is located outside the pocket park on Depot Street, Little Free Library No. 17328, put in by Rotary in June 2015. The other is #53436 located near the gazebo at the Veterans Park on Routes 6 and 11 on the inside turnaround.

Both of these tiny libraries are part of a worldwide network of Little Free Libraries throughout the world. They were designed by Rotarians architect Nelson Connell and built by Harry Mumford. They have panes of glass on the little doors and on the back panels. I visited the libraries and washed those windows, as well. We all have jobs to do in Rotary. Being the steward of the little free libraries in Clarks Summit is mine. People who drop off books for exchange at the library often help with straightening up the book shelves. So if you visit the library and see it messy, help to tidy it up.

The Rotary Club of the Abingtons will be in full force, cleaning up winter debris for a better world. A group of Rotarians will meet at Dr. Droug Thran’s office on Saturday, May 5, sip some coffee and then set out to clean up Routes 6 and 11 from where the four lane highway begins to the Glenburn Grill. It is no easy ask to walk beside the road where large trucks, small trucks, cars, and motorcycles are zipping past. For 50 years, on the first Saturday that is nice in the month of May, our task force of Rotarians picks up garbage left behind by thoughtless citizens.

We are guided by Rotarian Chris Selige, chairman of the event. We wear flimsy yellow vests, only to remind those riding by to proceed with caution. In no way would the vest be a protective armor if a driver was reckless. It takes a whole Saturday morning to do this chore, place the debris in garbage bags, tie up the bags and notify PennDOT for collection. But satisfaction is instantaneous. Our countryside looks better without garbage on the roadside. You only need to ride by to see the highway cleared of fast food bags or cigarette wrappers or plastic shopping bags in the brush along the highway to give a sign of relief.

Being a Rotarian is not all service. We like to have fun, as well. When our spring clean-up chores are finished, we will gather at the baseball field on May 10 for an evening of ball park food and we will watch the all American classic of baseball. The Railriders will play the Rochester Red Wings and Rotarians will have a spot on the deck behind first base.

Indeed, it is great to be a member of the Rotary Club of the Abingtons where we can clean up our community and have fun with our friends. If you want to join our club, call me at 570 563 1171.

Eileen Christian Christian

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Eileen Christian

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Reach the Abington Journal newsroom at 570-587-1148 or by email at