Dalton Delights: Summer Quest activities quite the buzz

Dalton Delights - Jennifer Familetti

Summer Quest activities at the Dalton Community Library have been quite the buzz around town. Many families, both near and far, have visited this summer keeping our library extremely busy. It’s so nice having everyone visit.

The children have been engaged in art projects, physical activities, building, team working, and much more. Our families have brought an immense amount of energy to the library, and we’re beyond grateful for everyone’s support. Kids have received prizes for reading or listening to books, and are coming through our library doors excited to take home new books.

Reading, listening and being active is what Summer Quest is all about. The success of this summer’s program has been a joy. Although there are only a few weeks left of the Summer Quest program, there is still time to participate. Please email me to get information about the remaining programs if you’re interested. We’re always available to help with our community’s needs, and participation in our programs is encouraged.

Adult programs at our library are still functioning as scheduled. See our website for details for Mahjong, Bridge, and book clubs at www.lclshome.org/Dalton.

See you at the library.


Dalton Delights

Jennifer Familetti