It’s the law: PPL, Borough of Clarks Summit remind public not to nail items to utility poles

CLARKS SUMMIT — Before attaching that yard sale sign to the telephone pole at the end of a streett, one may want to reconsider.

According to a PPL announcement passed on by the borough, it not only causes a “potentially serious safety problem,” but is also illegal.

“State law makes it a summary offense to drive a nail or tack into, or attach any metal or hard substance on, an electric utility pole,” reads the announcement. “If you’ve placed something on one of our wooden poles, we ask that you take it down.”

This includes, but is not limited to, signs, posters, banners and basketball hoops. The nails or staples used to attach these items can injure linemen who may have to climb the pole for repairs, or it could puncture their safety gear, such as rubber gloves.

“Even a tiny hole in this protective equipment can present a serious and potentially deadly threat,” states the announcement.