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Mike Murray - Publisher

About Mike Murray:

Mike Murray is a senior executive who has over 45 years’ experience, with a diverse sales and marketing background in print and digital media, including newspapers and magazines. In addition to his publishing roles, Murray has served as President of a full-service advertising agency specializing in the financial field, Senior Vice President for a major publicly traded media concern, Vice President for a private media company, and Managing Partner for a private consulting firm, with an emphasis on management restructuring and cost containment. Murray also has served as a partner in a small media group.
He has been instrumental in developing and leading consumer-related services and has been nationally recognized for his work in the media industry. Murray also has been a member of both industry and non-industry-related boards and has been a featured speaker on newspaper development.

Dotty Martin - Suburban Editor

About Dotty Martin:

Dotty Martin is the Times Leader Media Group's suburban editor, where she oversees content for the Abington Journal, Dallas Post and Sunday Dispatch. Dotty has also been a sportswriter, assistant Lifestyles editor and Special Projects Coordinator at the Times Leader.  Dotty lives in Forty Fort and is active in the community as a volunteer for the Luzerne County Youth Aid Panel Program, the Wyoming Valley Children’s Association, Victory Sports League and the Northeast Advisory Council of Step by Step.

Robert Tomkavage - Reporter/Community News Group

About Robert Tomkavage:

Robert Tomkavage covers the Abington Heights School District for the Times Leader Media Group. Robert started working at The Abington Journal as a sports correspondent in 2010, before being hired as a full-time reporter. Robert lives in Peckville and enjoys playing golf.

Trixie Jackson - Media Sales Consultant

About Trixie Jackson:

Trixie Jackson is a Media Sales Consultant for The Abington Journal.

Rob Ostrowski - Media Sales Consultant

About Rob Ostrowski:

Rob Ostrowsk is a Media Sales Consultant for The Weekender.
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